Monthly Archives: January 2011

Vol. 6: “Hackensack” Fountains of Wayne

“You don’t even care where that other missile is headed, do you? “Of course I do. I know exactly where it’s headed. Hackensack, New Jersey.” –Superman and Lex Luthor from Superman, 1978 Widgets FOW are best known for their surprise hit, “Stacy’s Mom” from their third album, 2003’s Welcome Interstate Managers. This album as […]

Vol. 5: “If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body (Would You Hold it Against Me)” The Bellamy Brothers

“Hey Brit…If I said you ripped off our song, would you hold it against me?” -Howard Bellamy Widgets This song wasn’t in my queue of Overlooked Hooks until Britney Spears forced my hand. I heard a sample of her “new” song “Hold it Against Me”, and immediately recognized that she (or more likely her […]

Welcome to Overlooked Hooks!

“Drove downtown in the rain, 9:30 on a Tuesday night, just to check out the late night record shop” Welcome to my blog on unheralded music that your ears will love hearing! Look for a new post at 9:30 on Tuesday nights (as often as I can get them out!) about a song that may […]

Vol. 4: “Lost Horizons” Gin Blossoms

“She had nothing left to say, so she said she loved me. And I stood there grateful for the lie.” –Doug Hopkins Widgets Right after Cobain and Company turned the music industry on its ear in the early 90’s, a slew of bands were signed instantly just for having  the slightest stink of grunge […]