Monthly Archives: February 2011

Vol. 10: “Rocking in the Arms of Your Memory” George Strait

“I want to reach the point where people hear my name and immediately think of real country music.” -George Strait Widgets So what is “real” country music? Since at least the mid-‘70s, when crossover stars like John Denver and Olivia Newton John made country hip, the argument has raged between traditionalists and progressives. When […]

Vol. 9: “Last Display” Common Children

“We thought the sun would surface, and we prayed for this to change…” Widgets The now defunct Common Children was somewhat of an anomaly in the music world. While technically labeled as “Christian Rock”, you would have a hard time finding the usual trappings of the genre. Through their three albums, CC avoided the […]

Vol. 8: “Better Than Wine” Derek Webb

“How much better is your love than wine; the fragrance of your perfume is better than any spice!” –Song of Solomon 4:10 Widgets Welcome to a special Valentine edition of Overlooked Hooks! In the spirit of all the lovey-dovey hooey that gets associated with February 14th, we’ll look at a song taken almost word […]

Vol. 7: “Head Over Heels” Blue Rodeo

“Now I wonder, just into whose dream, did who walk?” -From “Dark Angel” Widgets It was hard to choose one Blue Rodeo song for this blog, because they are about as overlooked as a great band can be in the US. For Canada, it’s a different story, as the band has been a mainstay […]