Monthly Archives: March 2011

Vol. 15: “Pancho and Lefty” Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson

“I kinda always knew it wasn’t about Pancho Villa, and then somebody told me that Pancho Villa had a buddy whose name in Spanish meant ‘Lefty.’ I know that’s strange, huh?” –Townes Van Zandt Widgets Sometimes a great song sits on someone’s shelf for years before it’s even recorded. Often one’ll barely make a […]

Vol. 14: “Come Downstairs and Say Hello” Guster

“Dorothy moves to click her ruby shoes, right in tune with Dark Side of the Moon” Widgets So begins the understated intro of the song that is arguably this Boston’s band’s best work. The line takes its cue from a quirky coincidence reportedly first noticed by stoners that the 1973 Pink Floyd album fits […]

Vol. 13: “I Miss My Mary” Hal Ketchum

I’m slow, but I’m steady. I prize the work more than the pay. I’m rough and I’m ready, livin’ the carpenter’s way” – Hal Ketchum from “Carpenter’s Way” Between turns as a master carpenter, Hal Ketchum just happened to make it big as a country-music superstar.  While it’s easy to too often compare songsmithing to […]

Vol. 12: “River Song” Dennis Wilson

“I don’t have that many influences on my work. Of course, my brother Bri, but it’s got to come from your own heart…I ‘d never just get by or cheat. That’s my heart out there.” -Dennis Wilson, 1977 Widgets The story of the Beach Boys is a tragedy. It’s full of Shakespearean themes like […]

Vol. 11: “Amazing Glow” Pernice Brothers

“The genus names of all the flowers that were feeding off her amazing glow…” Widgets It’s rare to hear such specific botanical lyrics in any song.  Rarer still to hear them in a song so elegantly layered, conjuring up visions like a time lapse photo of the flowers it refers to.  What is not […]