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I like to write songs, and one day I hope to record or publish them. For now, I’m doing demos in my basement and learning Logic Express!

Volume 31: “Halloween Head” Ryan Adams

“Head full of tricks and treats, it leads me through the nighttime streets”     Deadheads, Parrotheads, Phishheads, Devoted Ryan Adams fans adopted “Halloween Heads” after the track of the same name from 2007’s Easy Tiger. The term seems to fit his songs to a tee. Back in 2006, Adams was recording with The Cardinals, […]

Volume 30: “Missing You” Honey

Kramer: What’s today? Newman: It’s Thursday. Kramer: Really? Feels like Tuesday. Newman: Tuesday has no feel. Monday has a feel, Friday has a feel, Sunday has a feel…. Kramer: I feel Tuesday and Wednesday..   Seinfeld was a show about New York. Of course, the stories revolved around four self-centered dwellers of The City, but […]

Vol. 29: “Peace” Rich Mullins

“The Scriptures don’t teach us to be assertive. The Scriptures teach us—and this is remarkable—the Scriptures teach us to be submissive. This is not a popular idea.” — Rich Mullins   Sometimes it seems the best of us get the shortest lives. When Rich Mullins was thrown from his Jeep on September 19th, 1997, the […]

Vol. 28: “La Cienega Just Smiled” Ryan Adams

As long as you don’t request “Summer of ’69” at one of his concerts, Ryan Adams is your typical mild-mannered genius of a singer-songwriter. WidgetsBack in 2001, he was coming off a critically acclaimed debut album Heartbreaker and following that album up with Gold. The events of 9/11/01 would forever link this album […]

Announcing Overlooked Hooks LE (Light Edition)

In the software world, LE means you’re getting the gutted free version of an application as a trial to buy the real thing. Not so here at Overlooked Hooks! LE is here only because I’ve decided that shorter posts are better than no posts at all. So, Light Edition will feature a song I think […]

Vol. 27: “Fourth of July” Shooter Jennings

“Where liberty dwells, there is my country.” – Benjamin Franklin WidgetsWelcome to a special edition of Overlooked Hooks. Instead of waiting to post tomorrow, this is a Monday post on the birthday of the USA. I looked for some patriotic songs first, and then found Shooter Jennings “4th Of July”. What I really resonate […]

Volume 26: “One More Minute” Weird Al Yankovic

“Um… it’s not gonna be about food, is it?” -Kurt Cobain, asking Al about his parody of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Widgets It’s an event I’ve celebrated for the past 20 some odd years, the release of a new album by Weird Al Yankovic, the master of musical parody. Al has defined and then […]

Vol. 25 “Pascifica” Los Straitjackets

“Los Straitjackets have been good friends to our show for years and years – even from way back in New York – and they need our help!” –Conan O’Brien Widgets Finding this song represents the end of a 15 year quest. Back in ’96 I was a big fan of Late Night with Conan […]

Vol. 24: “Nothing Man” Bruce Springsteen

“I can’t think of another album in which such an abundance of great songs might be said to seem the least of its achievements.” –from Kurt Loder’s review of The Rising: Rolling Stone. July 30, 2002 Widgets Very special thanks to The Parent Experiment host and Springsteen Super Fan Lynette Carolla for inspiration on […]

Vol. 23: “Sea of Heartbreak” Don Gibson

“I think he was a bit tortured, and he had somewhat of a difficult life, and all of his experience, and his longing and his own heartbreak is really apparent in his vocals.” –Rosanne Cash Widgets Most who consider this song a classic are either steeped in country roots tradition or have been around […]