I’ve been writing songs for a long time, but been semi-serious about it since early 2010. Here’s a few that I’ve finished and recorded.


Find Your Ride
This was my first “demo” recorded at Studio 37 in Fishers, IN. The song was inspired by  1st Corinthians 2:9 and features  my wife singing harmonies.


Breathe It Out
Getting in the game.


Rusted Parts
Searching the junkyard for a metaphor.


She Don’t Mind
Co-written with John Stuckey, this was recorded at Paramount studio in Nashville.


Brand New
First try at finger-pickin’


Set For Life
Winning the lottery


It’s Just Mexico
My first real studio recording, inspired by a challenging vacation 🙂  Lyrics









Too Far Gone
Sometimes the most logical intentions get hijacked by brown eyes and an innocent smile. Special thanks to Doug Morrison on lead guitar.  Lyrics


The Shepherd and the Angel
This a Christmas song I wrote for the kids to sing at our McConda family gathering in 2010. In July 2011, I submitted this new version for NSAI’s “Christmas in July” evaluation. 4-year-old Eli and 7 year old Autumn help me out on vocals as “The Shepherd” and “The Angel”.


Long Past The Night
Written for my brother-in-law Bryan Bayes and his bride Emily. This is a video of my wife Laura and I singing the song during their ceremony.


Dixie Highway
Between home and home there’s an exit off of I-275 for the Dixie Highway. Lots of driving time after and I had this story of this distraught dude. What do you think he did?


Sunday Morning
My first “real” song (at least that I would want anyone to hear!). I started this in early January 2010 and finished during my trip to Haiti that same month.