Call For ER’s

The Workshop on Regulated Software Testing (WREST) is seeking experience reports for our upcoming workshops.

WREST at the STAR East and Better Software Conferences
We are pleased to announce that WREST will be hosted free of charge this year by SQE at STAR East on Friday April 20th and Better Software West on Friday, June 15th .

WREST will be conducted in the same LAWST-style format of previous workshops. For those who would like to attend the whole week of the conference, we have a special discount code to enter at signup.

When signing up for Better Software West, enter the code “SPBA” to receive our discount. The code is good for $200 off the conference.

Major Questions of Interest
How can we better test software in regulated environments while retaining processes and documentation that will pass regulatory audits?
How can we prove the value of implementing progressive test approaches within the context of the necessities of (FDA, SOX, CMM, etc.)?
Note: We define regulated software as any application that must undergo an audit of the processes used to create and test it by an internal or external organization.
WREST is seeking experience reports (ERs) of your experiences and new ideas from projects past and present.
We are looking for reports from testers, managers, QA analysts, and other stakeholders who have improved testing on their software while maintaining the ability to pass regulatory audits.

Experience report topics on regulated software can include but are not limited to:
•    Introducing non scripted test approaches such as Exploratory Testing.
•    Successful test automation with objective evidence
•    Introducing Agile methods
•    Performance testing a regulated system.

Detailed papers are welcome though not required. For your presentation, an organized outline is enough. We are looking for informative, in-depth storytelling by experienced practitioners.  Proposals should contain enough substance to be read and evaluated for content. Your presentation should omit any confidential data (anything that requires a non disclosure agreement (NDA)).


Proposals should be submitted to Karen Johnson or John McConda:

About WREST:

The main purpose of the Workshop on Regulated Software Testing is to share ideas, generate new techniques and approaches, and to provide a forum for those interested in improving the quality of regulated software systems.

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